Per Diem
Donovan Howe
Columbus, OH
Est. 2017
Sprouting in CMH as an advocate for good people and good ideas.
Starbox Noctua
Lightning Cuff
Sketches on Stars
Dragonling Ring
Claws and Teeth
Sandstone Ring
Dragonling with Sapphire
Caesarstone Dragonling
Volga Blue
☰ Jewelry

Below are a few of my works in metal and stone.

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Starbox Noctua, bronze. Late 2018. Watch band by Dassari. Lightning cuff, steel and bronze. Late 2018. Star hair cuff, bronze. Late 2018. Dragonling, sterling silver, size 7.5 Study for claws and teeth. Carved from wax and cast in sterling silver. Size 5 ½. Quartzite ring (”White Gold”, India), size 5 ¾ Dragonling ring with pink sapphire eye Sketch of a dragonling, Caesarstone 2740, size 8 ¼ Granite ring (”Volga Blue”), size 7 ¾, and some of his fallen brothers