Per Diem
Donovan Howe
Columbus, OH
Est. 2017
Sprouting in CMH as an advocate for good people and good ideas.
Portland Chicken
“Andromache Mourning Hector”
Lucien Gaillard Cane
☰ Sketches

Below are a few of my sketches in pen, ink and watercolor.

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Sketching a snapping turtle skull. Impression of a Portland chicken. Colored pencil and pastel. Sketching Jacques-Louis David’s “Andromache Mourning Hector”, sans Andromache. At the Portland Art Museum. Pencil and digital color. Taking notes on Baudry’s “Terpsichore” and her magnificent frame in the Palais Garnier. Pencil. Sketching a silver cane head by Lucien Gaillard. Pencil, watercolor and gouache.